Eli Huberman

Eli Huberman
Adjunct Professor
School of Pharmacy
University of Illinois
Chicago, Illinois, USA
e-mail: ehuberma@uic.edu
CEO and Scientific director of NovaDrug
Chicago, Illinois, USA
e-mail: elhuberman@gmail.com

The title of the lecture:

Early Stage discovery of Novel Broad Spectrum Antiviral drugs

Dr. Huberman received a M.Sc. in Clinical Microbiology from Tel-Aviv University (1960-1964) and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel (1965-1969). During 1969-1971, he was a Post-doctoral at the University of Wisconsin mentored by the late Professor Charles Heidelberger. Dr. Huberman published over 200 scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals and holds a series of US and international patents.

Dr. Huberman served as a Distinguished Argonne Fellow (1999-2006), and Division Director for biological research (1981-1999) at the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory. Additionally, he was a Professor in the departments of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, and Radiation & Cellular Oncology at the University of Chicago (1982-1997). During 1976-1981, Dr. Huberman was a Senior Scientist in the Biology Division at the US Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Prior to that (1971-1977), he was at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel where he became a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics.

Dr. Huberman served on various US national and international advisory and review committees including, the US National Academy of Sciences, National Cancer Institute, Environmental Protection agency, Leukemia Research foundation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Moscow’s Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and Opexa Corporation. He has been an Associate Editor of scientific journals, including Pharmacology and Therapeutics,Cancer Research, Molecular and Cellular Differentiation, and Molecular Carcinogenesis. Dr. Huberman holds international awards including a Visiting Professorship at Japan’s Kobe University (2000/2001), Honorary Doctorate from the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology (1997), Commendation from the Japanese Society of Pediatric Oncology (1992), Prime Minister Nakasone and University of Tokyo Fellowships for Cancer Research (1986) and an International Agency for Research on Cancer Postdoctoral Fellowship (1969-1971). Currently, Dr. Huberman is a board member of the Charles and Patricia Heidelberger Foundation for Cancer Research and the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science Midwest region.

Dr. Huberman is also the Founder, Scientific Director and CEO of Novadrug, a company dedicated to the development of antiviral drugs.

Dr. Huberman’s research interest: Anti-viral drug development, Cancer research, Differentiation and Pharmacology